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New York City: Tips for the East Coast Traveler

Love in the Heart of the City

New York is the city of brotherly love. Love in the heart of the city is the platform for the city's population. Over time, the city of brotherly love has maintained is principle of community and friendliness. However, in such a bustling city, visitors and tourists are bound to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the typical New York citizens busy life! Travel tips and recommendations for travel in the city are paramount to successfully enjoy a great trip! Read on and find out more to get the best out of New York and keep the love in the heart of the city!

Drive and park it!

Driving into NYC is a pleasure, Driving in NYC is a pain.

Reason number 1 - There is no where to park. We all know someone who has a story of finding parking all over Manhattan, no problem. We are here to tell you that this is folklore.

Reason number 2 - Even if you find what you think is a legal parking spot, odds are you will return to your car and find a not so lovely ticket for a minimum of $50. And you may get towed and that is a nightmare.

Reason number 3 - Traffic, need we say more? Traffic in NYC is enough to give enough
the most mild mannered person a great test of patience and will. Bottom line - park the car
in a lot (there are thousands of them, now you know why) and leave it. Your wallet and
sanity will thank you.

The Metro Card

This is like a little credit card that you use to pay your fares. You just swipe it and get on the train. (Read more below).

Mass transit rules!

Whether you choose a taxi, the bus, or subway as your means of transportation - you cannot go wrong. The transit system in NYC is fantastic and easy. First let's clear up some misconceptions about transit in our great city.

Taxis are cheap! Not expensive as you may have thought. An average cab ride is around $5.00.
In fact, taxis may be one of the last cheap items in Manhattan - Except for our hotel rates that is.
There are literally thousands of taxis all around - very easy to spot; they are bright yellow. Rules for flagging a cab. Stand at a corner and stick out you arm. The taxi will stop. Very Simple. Note - for a $5.00 ride a standard tip would be about $1.00 to $1.50.

The Subways are Safe! Really. We all take them - all the time. And they are super fast
and easy to navigate. For the most part, the island of Manhattan is set up like a grid, so it is very easy to figure out which train to take. When you arrive at your hotel, simply ask the front desk for a Subway Map. They all have them. When you get to the subway station, go to the teller in the booth and tell them you want to buy a Metro Card. This is like a little credit card that you use to pay your fares. You just swipe it and get on the train.

One ride is $2.00 but they have special unlimited ride cards for 1, 3, 7 or more days and
they are extremely inexpensive. Ask the teller in the booth.

Bus rides are quite pleasant. A little slower than the subway but very nice and good for sightseeing. Bus routes are mainly up and down (North and South) the major avenues and on what we call main cross-town blocks. Cross-town is when you go from West to East or vice-versa. You can use your Metro Card on the Bus as well and there is literally a bus stop on every block. Bus Maps are available at the hotel as well. Some Rules for taking the bus. Let's say you are on Broadway and 58th and you want to go Downtown to Broadway and 34th street. Simply walk to corner, wait, (buses come about every 5 min) and hop on. Swipe your Metro Card and ride. Very easy. Hop on, Hop off - you get the idea.

You can wear jeans anywhere!

We receive so many calls from folks who are confused about the dress code here.

Basically, there isn't one.

Case in point. You wake up, throw on your jeans, tee shirt and sneakers and go out to have
Breakfast and do some shopping and sightseeing. While shopping, (and this is mostly for the ladies) you find a killer pair of sexy sling backs. You go back to your hotel, put on the sling backs, change the tee shirt to a camisole and jacket and your set for dinner and a Broadway show.

After the show, you whip off the jacket and with the camisole, jeans and heels - your set for even the hippest clubs. And always remember, when in doubt, black is always safe. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wears black - even in the summer.

So there you have it - jeans and black. But don't forget the sling backs! New York is definitely a "shoe" city. You ladies out there will know what I mean.

Eat where you want to!

New York is the culinary capital of America and you should experience it! Restaurants are not as pricey as you think. Well let's rephrase that a bit. The food is not as expensive as you think; it's the wine and drinks that really add up. So, if you want to have an amazing four star dinner, go for it - just only have one glass of wine.

The food at Four and Five Star restaurants is only marginally more expensive than everywhere else; again it's the wine and cocktails that are very pricey at these establishments. So eat up and save the cocktails for that charming Pub down the block.

You'll be dining like a movie star and with less consumption of alcohol, unlike the stars, you won't
have one of those embarrassing "Paparazzi" moments.

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