Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google's Search, plus Your World

Google branded "Search, plus Your World" using the slogan "Your photos, your friends, your stuff."

Google Transforms and Unites the Web

I imagine in the next few years Google will slowly transition the entire search experience into a social experience. Currently, there are two broad categories of user experiences on the web. Search or searching for information (the active experience) and Receptive or receiving information (passive experience). These two categories symbolize how the average person behaves when using the web. We either seek information or listen to and absorb information. Let's talk about social networks! Acquiring information through social personas or community voices receptive behaviors.

Social networks represent the receptive, listening and sharing oriented activities on the web. You receive and respond to information in a variety of ways: subscribing to an RSS feed, reading a friend's status update or following your favorite celebrity for the latest news. This active listening portion of the web is devoid of searching for information but involves listening and reacting to the voices of a community.

Search is an entirely different experience that I don't foresee going away, it will only evolve. Google dominates search. Search is the other half of how I categorize internet behavior. It involves seeking answers to your questions and queries. As internet users spend more time on Social networks, Google foresees the shift from acquiring information through search to acquiring information through Mavens or community experts via social networking.

The Share(d) Experience of the Web

For the past couple of years social networks have been flourishing with the concept of allowing people to share information they find on the web. Google is changing the way we use search and social networking by foregoing leaving your current network to share. Why share information to a different network? Social networks shouldn't become streams of aggregated data from other sources. Social networking is community. Search is finding information. I believe Google wants to transform the web by reversing current browsing habits and behaviors. The share(d) experience of the web will become part of Google's open network of +1 recommendations, personalized search, sharing and expanding your network Circle all from the SERP (branded within the same network).

With Search, plus Your World and Google+ - Google makes the Search engine itself a universal and open network. Log-in to your Google account and do a search for a general query. Immediately you'll see images, recommendations, items your friends have shared (or +1'd) and you have the option to either email, further the discussion further on Google+ or share to your social network of choice. Ultimately, the goal is for the web experience to start at search and Google has visions to keep it there. Your photos, your friends, your stuff!